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Toca life world mod apk v1.78 (unlocked all furniture)

Discover limitless creativity with the APK! Unleash your imagination, explore exciting worlds, and enjoy unlocked features for an immersive gaming experience. Download now for endless fun and entertainment.

Are you someone who enjoys playing toca life world games and is searching for the most up-to-date versions of Toca Boca Mod APK or Toca Life World Mod APK? If your answer is yes, then you’ve landed in the perfect spot. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with a thorough understanding of these Mod APK downloads, offering insights, details, and essential information for your download experience.

What is Toca life world mod Apk

It is a modified version of the popular Toca Life World app, offering an enhanced gaming experience. It’s designed to provide additional features, customization options, and functionalities beyond the original application. It introduces a range of exciting modifications, allowing users to access premium features, unlock characters, locations, and items, providing an immersive and expansive gameplay experiences.

toca boca mod apk

About Toca life world mod apk

App Name Toca Life World Apk: Build a Story
offered byToca Boca
Size525 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlocked all
Last Update1 Day ago
Get it onPlay Store

#1.1 Childhood Creativity: It has garnered immense popularity due to its focus on nurturing and enhancing childhood creativity. The app provides a virtual canvas where children can unleash their imagination, fostering creativity through various interactive elements and limitless possibilities within the game. It encourages kids to explore, experiment, and create their own stories, characters, and worlds, promoting imaginative play and cognitive development.

#1.2 Child-Centered Design: One of the driving factors behind the popularity of it is its child-centered design philosophy. The app is meticulously crafted with children in mind, ensuring that every aspect, from visuals to gameplay mechanics, is intuitive, engaging, and accessible to young users. The user interface, controls, and interactions are specifically tailored to suit the needs and capabilities of kids, allowing them to navigate the game effortlessly and independently.

#1.3 Toca Unique World: Toca Boca Mod Apk stands out for its creation of a unique and immersive world within the gaming environment. The app presents a vibrant, colorful, and diverse universe filled with quirky characters, exciting locations, and interactive elements that captivate the imagination of players. This distinctive world-building aspect sets Toca Boca apart, offering an experience that’s both enchanting and inviting for children, drawing them into a realm where they can explore, interact, and shape their adventures.

Features of Toca life world mod apk

Create a New Characters

the character creation feature allows for limitless character designs within your virtual world. Offering extensive customization options, it’s a canvas for your creativity to thrive. To create characters, access the Character Creator icon located at the lower right corner of the main screen. Begin either from scratch or choose from pre-made character templates. Utilize sliders and buttons to adjust facial features, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories, tailoring your character’s appearance. Once satisfied, simply save your creation by tapping the “Save” button.

Design a unique House

Toca Life World Mod APK allows you to design and customize your very own dream house, where imagination reigns supreme. Embark on a journey of architectural exploration and let your creative juices flow as you choose from a diverse range of layouts. Toca Life World Mod APK provides an extensive collection of furniture and décor items, catering to every taste and style. Toca Life World Mod APK empowers you to transform your house into a true expression of your self.

Explore more than 90 locations

Toca Life World’s 90+ unique locations and dive into a world teeming with adventure and discovery. This APK offers a vast and varied landscape, from lively cities to peaceful countryside retreats. Each location brings its own charm, promising surprises around every corner.

Unlimited In-Game Resources

Toca Life World APK invites you to step beyond the confines of your ordinary life and embark on an extraordinary adventure through a vast and diverse world filled with endless possibilities. With over 90 unique locations to explore, each offering its own unique charm and captivating experiences, you’ll never be short of new and exciting places to discover.

Interact with 500+ characters

Toca Life World APK isn’t just a compilation of places and things to do—it’s a lively, dynamic world bustling with over 500 one-of-a-kind characters. Each character boasts their own distinct personality and traits, creating an environment in Toca Life World APK that brims with endless chances for interaction and social involvement.

Endless storytelling opportunities

In Toca Life World APK, your imagination thrives, your creativity takes center stage, and storytelling adventures know no bounds. Toca Life World APK allows you to weave tales that match your individuality and captivate your audience with an expansive world, diverse characters, and limitless interaction.

Home Designer Tool

Unleash your creativity with the Home Designer tool, granting you the liberty to design your ideal home. Customize every detail to match your style and desires, whether it’s a charming cottage, a sleek modern abode, or anything in your imagination. This tool is your gateway to transforming your vision into reality.

Weekly gifts

Toca Life World APK is a game that consistently surprises and delights its players, and one of the most exciting features is the weekly gift system. Every Friday, players are greeted with a fresh batch of in-game gifts, including new characters, outfits, and items. This weekly tradition keeps the game fresh and engaging, ensuring that there’s always something new to discover and enjoy.

Safe and kid-friendly environment:

In today’s digital world, parents naturally seek out games that provide a safe and secure environment for their children to explore and play. Toca Life World APK stands out as a shining example of a game that prioritizes child safety and creates a nurturing environment for young minds to flourish.

Benifits of Toca life world mod apk

While the official Toca Life World APK offers a rich and engaging world of possibilities, the Toca Life World Mod APK takes the experience to a whole new level. This modified version unlocks a treasure trove of additional features, granting you the ultimate control over your creative endeavors.

Unlocked All Features: It grants users access to all features available within the game. Unlike the original version where certain features may be locked or require in-app purchases, the modded version unlocks these features, providing a comprehensive and unhindered gaming experience.

Unlimited Money and Resources: Players using it enjoy unlimited in-game money and resources. This eliminates constraints on purchasing items, unlocking locations, or accessing premium content, allowing users to freely explore and enjoy the game without worrying about resource limitations.

Parental Controls and Monitoring: The modded version often includes enhanced parental controls and monitoring features. This aspect is beneficial for parents, offering them greater control over their children’s gaming experiences. It allows for better oversight, ensuring age-appropriate content and monitoring playtime.

Educational Benefits: It incorporates educational elements within the gameplay. It encourages learning through interactive activities, fostering creativity, problem-solving, and cognitive skills development in children. The app’s design promotes imaginative play, storytelling, and exploration, contributing to a holistic learning experience.

Compatibility with Devices: Toca life world apk is compatible with variety of a devices like Android 5.0 or later, iOS 12.0 or above , and computers equipped with emulators like BlueStacks can all host the game.

How to install Toca life world mod apk on Android

First download apk from our website by clicking on the download button.

toca boca mod apk

On your device, Go to Settings → Apps → Search for Google Chrome (Web Browser) and click on it. Under App info, Click on Advanced → Install unknown apps → Toggle on the “Allow from this source” option.

Video Demo for How to allow unknown source

After that find the apk file in your mobile phone in apk section. After that you will see two options.

One of the option will be install. Then click on this install button and wait for some seconds.

After that you will see two option one will be “Done” and other will be “Open“. You have to click on the Done Option.

After that find the icon of the app on your mobile screen then click on this icon and Open the app.

Now your Toca life world Mod apk has been installed successfully and enjoy its gameplay.

toca boca mod apk

How to install Toca life world mod apk on PC/Laptop

First go to Google chrome and search for Toca Boca Mod apk then click on the website TOCALIFEWORLDAPK.ONLINE. Then by click on the download button the downloading will start automatically after 2 or 5 seconds. After you must have to install emulator like Nox Player or any other to open this app. After that open the emulator and install this apk on it.

Minimum Requirements To Play Toca life world mod apk

Requirements for Android

Operating SystemAndroid 4.4 or later
Processor1.5 GHz quad-core or better
RAM2 GB or more
Storage550 MB of available storage

Requirements for iOS

Operating SystemiOS 9.0 or later
ProcessoriPad Mini 2 or newer
RAM1 GB or more
Storage550 MB of available storage

Requirements for PC/Laptop

Operating SystemWindows 10
ProcessorIntel Core i3 or equivalent
Graphic CardIntegrated graphics should be sufficient for most basic tasks
Storage128 GB SSD
Display1366×768 resolution

Comparison with Original version

The Toca Boca Mod APK enhances your gaming experience by delivering superior performance, smoother visuals, and refined gameplay when compared to the original version. This results in an incomparable and exceptional experience on your device.


Toca life world apk
Toca life world apk
Toca life world apk
Toca life world apk
Toca life world apk

What’s New In Latest version of Toca Life World Mod 1.78

  • Introducing the Toca Life Pets Expansion: The Toca Life Pets expansion introduces a whole new level of fun and interaction with a menagerie of adorable animals.
  • Spruce Up Your Home with New Furniture and Decorations: Your home is your canvas, and now you have even more ways to express your creativity with a vast selection of new furniture and decorations.
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements: The developers at Toca Boca are constantly working to improve the game and address any issues that arise.

Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading and Installing Toca Life World MOD APK for PC

Step 1: Download an android emulator that allows you to run Android apps on your PC. Several popular Android emulators are available, such as BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, and LDPlayer.

Step 2: Install the Android emulator, launch the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Step 3: Download the Toca Life World MOD APK from the secured and trusted website by clicking here

Step 4: Copy the downloaded Toca Life World MOD APK file to your Android emulator’s storage

Step 5: Open the Android emulator and locate the Toca Life World MOD APK file. Tap on the file and select the “Install” option. The emulator will install the MOD APK onto your virtual Android device

Step 6: Once the installation is complete, launch the Toca Life World MOD APK from the emulator’s home screen or app drawer. You’re now ready to explore the vast world of Toca Life World

User Reviews


Rating: 4 out of 5.
I was very happy with this game and enjoyed playing all the different worlds and being able to create so many unique characters but I am very confused about purchased items. I did purchase items within the game and have since needed to change devices, only to find that the purchases I made on that device didn’t transfer to my new one.

Sadie Murray

Rating: 5 out of 5.
I really like this game it’s really fun! I’ve now played it for about 5 years and I’ve never gotten bored! It does a some glitcheswhere it doesn’t have the play or start button and I have to turn my wifi off.

Mina Palamecia

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Very fun and easy to play. I only wish there were better options to properly keep framed photos. (Maybe a photography studio furniture pack?) Store poster displays are an awkward solution for now.

Phoenyx Lempitsky

Rating: 5 out of 5.
It’s a very good game. The art is amazing and them graphics ate and left no crumbs. I really sugest downloading.


  • Unlocked All Features
  • Unlimited Money and Resources
  • No Advertisements
  • Enhanced Gameplay Experience
  • Access to Exclusive Items and Characters
  • Freedom to Create and Explore
  • Community Engagement
  • Online Connectivity and Multiplayer Options


  • Potential Security Risks
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Limited Support
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Potential Account Bans
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations:

Alternatives to Toca Boca Mod apk

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Miga Town My WorldThis app is similar to Toca Life: World and offers a variety of locations and activities to explore.
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Final words

As we conclude our discussion about Toca Life World MOD APK, I hope you gained a comprehensive understanding of its features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. Whether you choose to explore the enhanced features of the MOD APK or stick with the official version.

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